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Where does Selena Gomez live now?

As you could see I have already show you where lives Justin Bieber. It is pretty amazing to see where your favorite singer lives now or where he used to live. But what kind of person would I be if I don’t tell you where lives Justin Bieber’s darling. Well, yes, we are going to see where does Selena Gomez live.

Selena Gomez

Where is Selena from?

Selena Gomez is from Texas, but just like most TV stars she had to move where her job is. In this case, Selena moved where the production company she currently works for is stationed.

Selena’s home address

So, the answer for your question where does Selena Gomez live is Los Angeles, California. That was something that you could have guessed especially because her boyfriend lives in Los Angeles too. If this isn’t good enough information to you about where does Selena Gomez live, here is the address. Selena lives in 214 Gerome Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. So, the little cute Texas girl became big, gorgeous Hollywood darling. She lives in a house, with a pool where she can relax with her friends. Can you imagine being at the big pool party at Selena’s house.


I hope that you truly like that now you know where does Selena Gomez live exactly. Maybe one day her address will be changed to the Hollywood hills where her boyfriend lives now.