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Where does Justin Bieber live exactly?

You all know Justin Bieber. He is one of the most popular male pop stars in the world. He gained a lot of attention with his voice, his looks and his age. Cute, young boy with incredible voice won over a millions of fans all over the world. But, would you like to know where does Justin Bieber live?

As you probably know Justin Bieber is Canadian, but as the job requested he needed to move to USA. He has changed his addresses a lot, but the trick question here is where does Justin bieber live? First he lived in Atlanta, Georgia when he came to USA.

Justin Bieber

After living in Atlanta, he has moved again, to Los Angeles, California. He had a condo, that was worth 1.7 million dollars. Pretty expensive, no wonder everybody wants to know where does Justin Bieber live? But it doesn’t end with this address. In 2012, Justin Bieber has been looking for a house for him and his mother to live in. He wanted to afford his mother to have a “home” not just a house. And if you are ready to know where does Justin Bieber live, get ready to be amazed. Justin Bieber lives in Hollywood Hills (next to the Hollywood sign) in amazing mansion that he has bought for only 6 millions of dollars on his birthday.

Justin Bieber

You probably also want to see what costs 6 millions of dollars and where does Justin bieber live exactly. So, look at the latest one and the most expensive residence of Justin Bieber. He really did deserve such a gorgeous place to live in, he is young but still ready to work hard. Justin is really great example for all those kids that love him all over the world. So, I hope you liked where does Justin Bieber live, more of Justin Bieber interesting articles coming soon.